PDDH Closes Jackson Cove Swimming Area

The Pomperaug Health District has recommended that the Town of Oxford close the Jackson Cove Beach for swimming until further notice. The presence of cyanobacteria, aka blue-green Algae, was observed on August 10th by the Pomperaug District Department of Health.

In certain circumstances, especially in warm weather the algae may bloom and normally clear water becomes markedly turbid. During that period of increased turbidity the blue-green algae can contain a mix of toxins, including skin irritants and potent liver toxins. Due to this situation it is recommended that swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, and similar activities be restricted at the Jackson Cove Beach Park. Boating activities with limited water contact are acceptable, but warning signs have been posted to in regards to water contact.

Any questions contact the Pomperaug Health District at 203-264-9616 or the Town of Oxford Recreation Department.