CT Residents and Their Doctors Can Now Access Their Own COVID-19 Vaccination Records

CT Residents and Their Doctors Can Now Access Their Own COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Governor Ned Lamont has announced that he has issued an executive order related to the COVID-19 emergency declarations (Executive Order No. 13C) that permits patients, their doctors, and local health directors to access digital records related to their individual COVID-19 vaccination history from Connecticut’s immunization information system.

The order means that patients and their healthcare providers will be able to better keep track of their COVID-19 vaccination history and more easily obtain proof of vaccination when needed. It will bring Connecticut’s access to vaccine records more in line with those in effect in at least 37 states, including New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

“Without this order, patients will continue to be frustrated that they are blocked from accessing their own vaccination records, and doctors and healthcare providers will be unable to easily lookup when and with what vaccine their patients were administered a COVID-19 vaccine,” Governor Lamont said.

The request for COVID-19 vaccination records is increasing as vaccine mandates are put in place by employers, businesses, and for needs related to travel.

Access to COVOD-19 vaccination records will become increasingly important if COVID-19 vaccine boosters become approved in the coming months. If boosters are tied to specific vaccine products or individuals present for care with an unknown immunization history, a provider will not have the ability to easily resolve these issues.

To access your COVID-19 vaccination record, go to: CT Vaccine Portal and click on “Get My Record”.